Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Anti-Gravity Technology of course has many uses and advantages to our current and future planetary society here are some of the main ones

Moving of heavy objects such as boulders for construction will be made simple, any heavy object can easily be moved with anti-gravity technology applied to the object.

Ability for humans to fly like birds- The most beautiful and realistic of applications in my view.

Ability for the elderly to fly or float around instead of carrying their weight, disabled people or people in wheel chairs will no longer have limitations, flight will be made simple.

Health and medicinal applications will be found with this levitative energy. Ether is produced when the ionization of air is increased and ether is brought into physicality. The result of the ether being present is a levitating energy. The ether is a healing energy, in fact it can cure almost anything, it is the God-particle if you will. In all things this ether is present, however to bring it about physically and to absorb it, we need a technology that will do it.

Flying Saucer propulsion.- The ever destructive technologies of our day which employ a burning of energies to create energy is the wrong way for propulsion and the general operation of machinery in general. Energy should be generated from an inward spiral motion such as in suction. This spiral inward motion is the motion needed to produce ether and therefore anti-gravity. A Circle shaped craft is a much better shape for a vehicle than a rectangle.

Propulsion, we could derive a propulsion system for flying crafts using anti gravity technology.

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